Sunday, December 18, 2011

going home

I'm ready.
my bags are packed, I'm ready to go...

it's been a great week; relaxing, refreshing, romantic, but I'm glad to be heading home today. The last couple of days have been slow. cold foggy rainy days have made staying in the room extra inviting but that can get stifling after awhile. And, can I just say TV sucks? Really. We don't have cable or TV reception at home and don't miss it. Staying in a place where the TV boasts 100's of channels does not impress me. I channel surf and find nothing. LOL, I'm more comfortable on the web!

Friday afternoon I caught the Silver Trolley shuttle service again and walked around downtown for a couple of hours. Did some shopping.... hey we were running out of clean clothes!  The plan was for Bruce to meet me at a recommended Mexican eatery for dinner. He was working late and I was having a bad hair day for the 3rd day in a row. I took a chance and did a walk-in to a hair salon close to the restaurant. The gal did a great job; I was very pleased. Nothing different-- just a good trim.  Dinner was excellent.  Can't go wrong with Mexican!
sporting "new" (thrifted) long sweater and yellow T, plus the trimmed up neatly haircut.

Saturday afternoon, with no fog lifting in sight, I forced myself out of the room and back onto the garden walkways. Meandered through some different areas and finally made it to the Gordon House, a Frank Lloyd Wright designed home turned museum.

I got a private tour as I was the only person visiting! I feel a little bad that Bruce couldn't take this tour as he appreciates the architecture oh so much more fully than I can. Still, I do recognize the ahead of his time designs woven through out the home.

We ate dinner in our room last night and then-- finally-- got to enjoy the jacuzzi! It has been out of order all week but finally it was fixed. We sat in the steamy waters for about 30 minutes before our solitude was invaded by a dad with FIVE children. :)

This morning Bruce is back at the site, finishing up a few things. He will come and collect me by 11-- check out time --and we will head back to the job site where he will hook the empty trailer up and I will get some pictures of 'finished product' and we will be on our way!

it's been a GOOD WEEK!!

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