Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Birthday Recap

It's been almost a week since I turned >>>53<<<
I'm not afraid to say my age. (I would rather tell you my age than my weight that's for darn sure!!)

I was just reflecting on how last year at this time, I was working on my goals for 2011. And the one thing I shared with several people was that by the end of the year, I wanted to be able to see myself the way God sees me. See it and believe it.

Well, I'm not sure that I arrived at that goal -- at least not 100%-- and I think that might be partly because perhaps it is not entirely possible to see myself that way?  Maybe that's something only God can do. But I do think I moved closer! I think I can really look at myself and see a beloved child of God. Some one forgiven and redeemed. Someone with a lot to offer. Those are valuable qualities and I feel pretty awesome about knowing this about myself. YAY!

My birthday was a day of spoilen' to be sure. The spa treatment was amazing! I spent a good hour just in the relaxation room before the massage appointment, sipping tea, listening to soothing (non-christmas) music, and writing thoughts in a journal supplied by the spa for all guests to share whatever was on their mind. I doodled and scratched out thoughts and feelings happily and wish I had someway of taking all I wrote with me, but maybe sometimes it's better to just offer a piece of yourself to the world and then walk away not looking back.

The massage was incredible. One of the best I have ever had! (Not that I get to indulge that often, but I have had a few and they are all wonderful but this one was over the top) Hot stones, oils combined with the heavenly scent of chocolate and mint, precise massage action, steamy hot towels and soft music.... ooh, my I was like a little bowl of butter in the noon day sun by the time she was done!

I spent the rest of the day in my room, alternating between reading facebook birthday greetings, channel surfing and napping!! Later, I showered, dressed up as best I could for the low profile wardrobe I had packed and awaited my prince's return from work.

"hi honey, I'm home"

church in Mt. Angel
I am not sure about that one sign.... any german translators out there?
Bruce took me to dinner in nearby Mt. Angel, a small community about 4 miles north of Silverton. A restaurant had been recommended  to him by one of the men from the nursery. The town has a sort of Bavarian Theme going on, kind of like Leavenworth, but not as serious.
located in 'town square' -- or is it town hexigon?

the Glockenspeil
They do have an Oktoberfest every year. Anyway, we arrive early because we were told the place we were going to eat at has a huge clock tower with life size figures that come out -- like a cuckoo clock-- at certain hours of the day. 7 pm being the last one. We arrived at 6;30 and it wasn't too cold so we walked around the town taking in the sites.
At 6;55 we parked ourselves on a park bench across from the Glockenspeil and waited for the show....
~~so happy together~~
At 7 ;04 the music started and the doors on the tower opened and the figures started to appear. Kind of like a totem pole, the figures told the history of the settling of this community, starting with the Native American Brave, followed by the nuns and the priest, the pioneers and finally the children, swinging on a swing, singing Edelweiss,  representing the future. It was very sweet.

then, we went inside and enjoyed hot mulled german wine and made friends with a nutty sort of guy...

I was teasing Bruce about how much they looked alike! ha ha. what do you think?

dinner was yummy! I had meatballs and mashed potatoes-- comfort food! and dessert of course. not birthday cake but just as good.

the hot mulled wine was really good. and it felt good to hold too!
Happy Birthday.... Merry Christmas!!

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  1. A totally awesome and beneficial trip. They should all be like that. Welcome home.


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