Tuesday, December 13, 2011


We made it to Oregon! Safely, soundly, sanely. The Shelter kit has been delivered and over the next several days, Bruce along with three men who work for the man who ordered the kit, will assemble the building. 

After the kit was unloaded and things seemed squared away here at the Rare Tree Nursery, Bruce and I went to the hotel to check in. We are staying this week at the Oregon Garden Resort and it is quite lovely!

We were a little too early however to be shown to our room so the best we could do was unload our luggage and leave me snuggled down in the lobby to wait while Bruce returned to the job site. I was fine with sitting by the fireplace in the lobby but I hope I didn't drool on the lovely pillows when I drifted off into nap mode. (We left at 1 am Monday morning)  when I woke up one of the receptionists just smiled gently and told me my room was now ready. 

I know I will take lots of pictures this week. Even in December with things frozen and dormant, I can see beauty all around me! The resort sits on the back of the Oregon Garden which  welcomes visitors with more than 20 specialty gardens and features. You'll discover waterfalls, quiet ponds, fountains, a unique display of conifers, the 400-year old Signature Oak, a Northwest Garden, a pet garden, beautiful vistas and art. Also located on the grounds is the Gordon House. 

I can't wait to get some pictures of this one! It is one of Frank Lloyd Wrights designs! We did drive right by it on our way in and my man was chomping at the bit to go explore it. But it will have to wait till the work is done. For today, I am happy to relax in the luxury of our room.

Still the sun is peeking out of the fog and the wind is nil so I may go for a walk today after all. We are on the outskirts of the town so a walk there is about a mile. The gardens have over 5 miles of trails so I doubt I will explore them all at once!! But come mid-day its nice to know I have someplace to go. 

for right now however....

 I'm quite happy right here!!


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