Saturday, December 10, 2011

in spite of it all

I did get to attend the princess party of my soon-to-be-7 year old granddaughter this afternoon. Faith lives in Pensacola Florida and I am grateful today for the wonders of skype that made it possible to be present at her party. I was able to sing along with everyone as she blew out the candles on her cake, able to compliment her on her beautiful princess dress and tiara and laugh at the boys who wanting in on all the fun dressed up in princess garb as well. Hilarious!!
Princess Faith in her pretty purple princess dress
the 'princess' in a pink wig is actually a prince-- my grandson Kristjian, age 9, who was really into the whole princess theme. gotta love it!!
happy birthday Faith Ahna Star!


  1. Very cool about Skype! And what a lovely princess:).

  2. She's beautiful! Glad you were able to be a part of her special day. :)


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