Saturday, November 5, 2011

the roller coaster ride

that's what this week has felt like.

I am developing a brand new empathy and respect for military wives. and my husband will only be gone for 2 weeks. can't imagine what it would be like if he was going on deployment for months at a time.

Monday Morning 8 am shuttle bus to SeaTac Airport..... and still a million little things to tend to... like PACKING. Let me say for the record that packing is probably the one thing that boggles my husband more than anything else about travel. He hates it. 

He needs to take clothing obviously, and some bedding, but he also needs to take some of his tools and still keep that ONE CHECKED BAG down to 50#.
I bought him a Murse (man-purse) which is really a smaller sized laptop bag, since he can also bring one carry on and one personal item.

In the midst of the maelstrom however I will say how very aware we are of God. From the call to go, to the provisions for getting there and everything in between.... despite the stress over stupid stuff and not-so-stupid-stuff... in the face of WIDE emotional mood swings (from both of us) and even though there are times of self doubt (should I really be going and leaving my beautiful amazing wife behind?/ am I really okay with my darling hubby going halfway around the world without me?) in spite of ALL those things, we still believe and feel convicted that THIS IS where God has called us.

There is a purpose for Bruce to experience the getting ready, the actual trip itself and the work he will do there. there is a purpose in the questions he finds himself asking and the second guessing he is going through. There is a purpose for me in struggling with the emotions, the helping him get ready, the blessing him in his departure and the way I will live out the next 2 weeks while he is gone.

it's been a tough week and the next two could be  will be  real... interesting...

Ready.... Steady..... Go.

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