Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Crash and ... ZzzZzzzzzzzzzzz

foggy head, sleepy eyes, fuzzy brain... heavy limbs, achy limbs, am I coming down with something?

the whole day yesterday felt weird! I had ZERO patience for a day with my mom who had a Dr's appt or I might have been tempted to re-schedule time with her. I was sleepy, tired, achy and grumpy. I couldn't think clearly.

I forced myself to make a quick trip through the grocery store because otherwise there would be an even longer list of things to do today-- and the list is long enough already-- and when I got home I came in the house and asked Bruce to unload the car for me. I stayed up long enough to put away the food that needed refrigerating and then I crawled under the blankets of my bed and was out!

because I often have insomnia I eventually then have a day where it will catch up with me. but I was so achy all over that I questioned what was really going on. it did feel like a flu- attack... and though I hated to miss out on school last night, I also knew I would be worthless as a table leader... and if I was coming down with something, no one would want my company anyway. So, I snuggled deeper under the covers and snoozed on.

From 4pm yesterday until 9 am this morning... with a couple of nature calls in between-- now that is what I call a NAP!

The list for today is long, really long as both Bruce and I have a ton of stuff to do as part of getting him ready to leave on Monday! So am I sure glad I woke up feeling good.

Because this is the month of November and my favorite holiday is coming up, I created a little homemade decoration to help me count my blessings this year.

Each morning, Bruce and I will write down something we are thankful for on this poster. I am pretty sure 'coffee' will make the list. and SLEEP.


  1. I hope you feel better, I'm sure a good nights sleep would fix you right up. But I'd throw caution to the wind and go to the doctor just to be safe!
    I had a few days like that once and it turned out my BP was REALLY high, go figure because it had never been before! weird huh?
    Prayers and hugs :)

  2. Hope you are feeling better! I love the poster, such a great idea! :)


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