Monday, October 31, 2011

tickets purchased!

Well, folks, we DID IT!! Airplane tickets to Japan are purchased and he leaves one week from today!

Again, I am in AWE at how God orchestrated this entire thing... from the first conversation Bruce had with the guy at Steppin-Out Missions, to the email from God, to the decision to GO and the steps of faith executed to that end, and all the support coming in from family, friends and even a few strangers who heard about this trip through someone else and felt called to contribute!

lol, at church yesterday morning, our pastor asked Bruce to come forward at the end of the service and Pastor Steve shared about the call Bruce has to go and help in Japan. He encouraged everyone to ask questions about how they could support Bruce and if they felt called to contribute, to please do so.  After church several people just walked up and gave money to him!!   (We joked later that he felt like an exotic dancer with people shoving money in his pocket. haha)

it is exciting and stretching and I am feeling a little breathless this morning! Squirmy in fact so I am off to the gym to release some energy as I celebrate God's obvious provisions in our lives!


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