Sunday, October 30, 2011

too excited to sleep

in just a matter of hours God has taken our outstretched hands and filled them with bounty. He has taken our stretched out faith and rewarded it with loving kindness.
In just the last 2 days, the flood gates of heaven have opened and the donations of support for Bruce's trip have come in-- enough to say we are close to 3/4 of the way to what we need to cover the cost of airfare. This is something only God can orchestrate.

We have not made a secret of our needs but we have not done the kind of fundraising we have in previous mission trips. Other than blogging about it and a couple of posts on facebook (which in my social circle is relatively small compared to others) it's been by word of mouth.

When Bruce left the house the other morning, we did not have the money to buy a ticket. But we had some money in an envelope that was earmarked for next months bills. This means that money was already spent so we really didn't have the money. But believing this was how we exercise faith, we decided to 'borrow' the money, deposit it to our credit card and then use the card to buy the tickets believing that God would step in and replenish the envelope before next months round of bills came due. Bruce did deposit the money but then, the person he needed to speak to was not in and so the purchase must wait till Monday.

By the time Bruce came home last night, over $600 had been pledged towards the plane ticket amount. Over the course of today that amount has risen... we are currently less than $400 from our needed goal! I believe that before Bruce calls S.P. on Monday, the rest of the funds will have come in.

Yes, stating it in faith.

I know we serve a Big Big God and I say all the time that I believe and have faith. Then, God does something that blesses us and leaves us speechless and I can only gasp in awe of how he works and who he is and how much he loves us. it is beyond reason.

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