Monday, October 3, 2011

We're Sick

scratchy throat, sniffy nose, tired bodies. True sign of fall. The first cold of the season has struck and as usual hubby gets hit the hardest. What is it they say about the bigger they are the harder they fall? Well he fell... into bed, right after church yesterday morning and didn't show his face again until late Sunday afternoon. I was feeling yucky too but my nap was much shorter and it didn't really hit me until last night. Then it was under the covers with a mug of echinacea tea and a book (finally finished The Time Travelers Wife). Slept right through the alarm this morning and barely roused when Bruce grazed my forehead with a kiss and admonished me to stay in bed and rest; he was off to work.

So here I sit in my jammies with more tea and kleenax and throat lozenges trying not to feel guilty about the piles of laundry upstairs, and the list of errands I was suppose to take care of this morning. A couple of things on that list HAVE to be taken care of-- TODAY!!!

Like going to The Bank. And mailing in the Passport Renewal Application. Eeek! Those things won't wait for me to feel better. So, I am hoping a shower, some strong coffee and some daytime cold med's will boost me out the door. After all my hero went to work and I know he wasn't 100%.

Also today's challenge from the Time Warp Wife is spurring me on....

Today's Challenge:

Look for ONE new way today to show your husband that you LIKE being married to him! This will look different for each of you because each of our husbands are different. With a little bit of creativity and prayer, you can rekindle any lost feeling in the friendship area. Also, you may need to put some of your other relationships on hold until your friendship with your husband is real and vibrant!

he looks for ways to make me smile too.
Well I can honestly say I really do LIKE my husband. He is my best friend.  He is the only one I would willingly spend a whole week on the road with! I enjoy doing special things for him and looking for ways to bring a smile to his face. 

And I know that taking care of details such a the bank and the post office may be mundane in the grand scheme of things such as earning a living or going on a mission trip but it is the small details that can make or break us as well. 

So.... here I go.... on a wing and a prayer.

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  1. Hope you both feel better soon!

    I went to VA over the weekend (drastic difference in temperature) and I'm feeling yucky as well. :/


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