Saturday, October 1, 2011

Elvis-- I mean-- MOM Has Left the Building!

FREEDOM! After almost 4 months, my mom has moved back home! She was nervous, excited and a little scared. Figuring out how to do all the things she has had done for her all those months may be a little daunting at first. But she'll get back in the groove.

We had a few rows over silly things. That hording thing was the biggest one. I threw out all these plastic spoons that she brought home with her. Mind you, these were USED spoons. Like a gazillion of them. Why she insisted on saving them I don't know-- and frankly I don't care. They got tossed when she wasn't looking but eventually she realized what I'd done and then she was mad.

She comes across often as cranky and irritable and today I confronted her with this. She was totally confused by this as she said she wasn't cranky, she didn't mean to sound whiny or irritable. I suggested she try and find nicer ways to ask us to do things for her, practice her usage of please and thank you and maybe try smiling when she speaks as that will make a difference in not only facial expressions but in tone of voice. Time will tell if that suggestion gets used or not.

After settling in and unpacking and doing laundry and such, she needed lunch and a nap. I needed an escape!! My sister got a few texts today -- my only way to vent. (Thank you dear sister for your support.) 

This evening we went out to dinner to celebrate her release. My niece, Mom's granddaughter, works as a chef at a little Italian restaurant and so that is where we went to eat. Mom was so happy to see her granddaughter and Randi was happy to see Grandma. She fixed us special plates (extra coconut prawns on mine, extra servings of veggies on Mom's, extra extra on Bruce's steak and potatoes and complimentary Spumoni Ice Cream Cake for dessert!)

he knows how to get Mom to mind her P's and Q's...
I have to say my husband really is my hero. While I was using restraint to SIP my wine, rather than gulp it down, he was bantering with Mom and mellowing her out.

We had a pretty pleasant evening.


Over the next week we still have things to iron out like visiting nurse schedules and what exactly we'd like/need them to help with, Rx's to refill and cupboard shelves to restock. Meal Train is going to be a HUGE help for dinner needs.

Tonight when it was time for me to head home and Mom realized she would be alone for the first time in a very very long time, I could see the anxiety kick in a bit. But I also saw her suck it up and I know she is going to be just fine.


  1. I've not been in your shoes, but I'm sure the last 4 months have been a challenge. I hope all goes well for your family!

  2. Yay, Mom's home! Oh my, Mom's home. A mixed blessing I'm sure. Glad your were able to speak your peace and vent via text message. Looks like you had a lovely dinner out. Hang in there.


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