Thursday, October 6, 2011

still sniffling

Aaa-CHOO!  Oh, sorry, I hope you won't catch this. It's been quite some time since I have been way-laid by a cold. (thank you Airborn and NetiPot) While it is usually my husband who falls the hardest when a bug comes along, it looks like this time it's my turn. I suppose the busyness of the week has helped increase things. I just haven't had much time to rest.

Last night we attended a Money Management Class at our church. While the teaching is excellent, the material great and the principles all make sense, AND we will not regret taking the class, the simple fact is, if we had a more steady income, we wouldn't struggle with managing the money!!  (construction for the small business owner in this present economy coupled with moving into what is traditionally known as the slow season really compounds things)

When we got out of the car to go to class Bruce picked up my purse for me. Usually he won't touch my purse. (If I ask him to get something out of my purse for me he brings me the purse-- says trying to find anything inside intimidates him! lol) So it surprised me that he grabbed it. And, in my effort to NOT act like a control freak and yank it from his capable hands, I let him carry it until we met up in front of the car. I typically use my little Ameribag (full of pockets and hide-aways, guaranteed to truly intimidate a man!!) So as I took my purse and began to sling it over my shoulder, I automatically checked the outside pocket where I tucked my cell phone. It was empty.

I thought for a moment and realized that in the shadowy light of the parking lot, as Bruce had approached me with my purse, it had looked like my purse was kinda upside down. Which means things can fall out. Being a man who won't touch my purse means he would not have a clue about HOW to carry my purse. Still trying to not act anal I said as nonchalantly as I could "Oh, my cell phone must have fallen out of the pocket."

"Oh. Is that what I heard? I thought maybe a pen dropped out."

I looked back at the now locked car. I don't need my phone with me for this class. In fact I would have put it on silent for the class. So leaving it in the car , on the floor of the car, would be fine and as we were late for class, just leaving it where it was worked for me.

It never occurred to me that the pinging noise he heard happened OUTSIDE of the car.

It was raining last night.

We were in class for 90 minutes.

When we got back to the car, the first thing I did was cast around inside the car for my phone. When I did not see it on the floor of the car I exclaimed.... sweetly, calmly   "Is my purse on your side of the car floor????"

before he could answer I was looking under the car... in the dark.... in the rain.....

Have you ever tried to find a small black object on a black surface without any light?

Still, I found it. My poor little cell phone.

It was still on. It was wet but it was still on. I dried it off and dialed a number. ring. ring. ring.  it sounded a million miles away. when Bruce's voice mail came on the words sounded like they were under water. I turned it off and set it on the dashboard of the car and we drove home with the heater/defroster going.

and had another *lively* conversation about a woman's purse and why didn't he say the ping he heard was OUTSIDE the car and how could he have thought I went back and got it when I never left his side and there's a reason he doesn't like to touch my purse and so why did he and shouldn't I be commended for not acting like a control freak and do you think my phone is going to be alright?

it's not like I value the phone more than our relationship. Look, we just came from a money management class! Do you really think I want to have to PAY to replace the stupid phone before it's time for the free upgrade???

then silence reigned in the car and aside from the windshield wipers it was just me sniffing all the way home.

A night nestled in a bag of uncooked rice has my phone working  just fine today, and my sweetie with his short term memory and long term grace has no recollection of any crankiness displayed by his wife.

I know. It makes me sniffly too. But he still won't touch my purse again.

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