Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Well, Now What?

Aarg, the downside of self employment.... my poor hubby has been working long hard hours for weeks now. After months-- MONTHS- of no work, we are thrilled to have him busy but when it starts feeling insane... well... I just want to see him free to relax for a day or two! Right now he is juggling 3 different jobs and trying to be in two places at once. Thank goodness for cell phones and email.

The upside of this is of course, money. We need it to survive right? Well, the check we got in the mail last week from a client, unfortunately was lacking his signature. An oversite to be sure but it took us several days to connect with this guy and I am sitting here this morning, fingers crossed that the replacement check he sent will arrive in today's mail!! The work truck is on empty, a few bills need to be payed (yesterday) and groceries would be nice.

Since it is a desk day for me, I gritted my teeth and did what I hate the most: balancing the check book. Where are my Tums? Tylenol?  the numbers were not adding up-- or rather, they were adding up!! Just once I would like to be in the BLACK and not the RED.
Add to this, the long list of errands I need to run once the desk work is done.... I'm gonna need more than just this cup of joe to get me through it.

I find myself day dreaming about vacations and pedicures, while the reality is dishpan hands and overtime without the pay to compensate. I don't want our lives to be focused on the money we do or do not earn. I just want us to live each day with JOY and thankfulness for what we do have!

Then I am presented with bible verses that reminds me to give thanks in ALL things. not just for what we have but for what we don't have? All things would mean... ALL Things. And how about the secret to being content... and counting it a JOY when trouble comes our way... We can rejoice when we run into problems and trials for we know that they are... GOOD FOR US?

Such contradictory thinking! Part of being one of Christ's followers requires me to yield from my way of thinking and allowing God to transform me into a new person by changing the way I think. 

Changing the way I think. Wow, if I look on the internet I can find thousands of websites that will feed me suggestions on how to change my thinking. Reprogram-- will power-- take control of my mind..... oh, but wait! I'm not reading this verse correctly. Romans 12;2 doesn't say if I change my way of thinking, God will transform me. It says LET God transform you BY changing the way you think. (OH>>> LIGHTBULB MOMENT)
God does the transformation as He changes my thought process. How does He change my thoughts?

I have learned that the more time I spend  in the WORD the more insight I gain into how God operates. The more time my husband and I spend together, the more we think alike so it stands to reason that the more time I spend in God's presence, the more I will be changed into His likeness.

That actually sounds pretty awesome. 

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  1. Great post! You are so right. It is important to remember that God is in control. He has the power to transform us. We need to remember to seek Him first in all that we do.


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