Thursday, May 26, 2011

What's Going Down? (As Oppossed to What's Up?)

What's been going on the last couple of days? Well, there was the job interview, some consignment store shopping, a hair cut and this weeks winners in the weekly Faith Writers writers challenge. All great stuff!!

First off: HAIR CUT: scraggly frizzes go bye-bye! Cant go to an interview with bad hair!! It's just a trim, about 1/2 inch all over; sticking with the layered look for now.

The Interview: went really well. Here's the thing; I do really well in interviews and I LIKE them  (Weird I know but hear me out) . I find them to be fun and challenging and I learn much about myself in the process. I always enjoy learning more about me-- I hope that doesn't sound self centered-- it's just a great way to re-evaluate myself when someone asks a question like "how would you handle difficult situations-- like an unhappy client." or "Give an example of going out of your way for someone in service."
I felt relaxed through out the whole time, able to think clearly of examples and offer information that was pertinent to the job position. And most importantly, a few times I made them laugh!
what I wore to the interview
I wont expect to hear any thing back about this until the first part of June as the business owner and his family are going on a mission trip to Honduras -- yes, the same one one we were contemplating. I feel ambivalent about the job and know that whatever happens, it will be because of God either opening or closing this door.

After the interview... and to celebrate how well I thought I did, a little Retail Therapy was on the docket. SO, off to the Consignment Store...

two cute tops--- Old Navy even.
I love it when I have credit on my account and I love the sale rack-- particularly the Dollar Rack!! Always amazed at what I find there!!

dark brown skirt, with interesting pleat in front. knee length.
and (not pictured) blue jeans.., because one can never have too many blue jeans in my opinion! Especially when they're on the dollar rack!!!

This morning was nail biting time. Not really nail biting but each week I participate in a weekly writing challenge at and this week I placed in the TOP TEN for Editor's Choice!!! You can read my winning entry here . I placed 9th. Competition is fierce in the Master's level which is where I have finally worked my way up to. And almost every week I am in competition with my big sister who has won her share of awards at Faithwriters as well.. We are each other's biggest fans-- applauding and cheering when either one of us places.

In between all these fun, busy activities, I've been doing a lot of thinking. Scary, I know. But God's been provoking me I think, to re-examine the goals I set and the vision and mission statement I wrote at the end of D.R.S. Some of that relates to the huge struggle we went through regarding the whole Honduras Mission Trip decision.

Will save that all for another post, but the bottom line is... every day is a mission when you live for Jesus.

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