Friday, May 27, 2011

Determined to Stay Healthy!!

Or Food on Friday--since we all seem to have themes on certain days ;)

I am fighting a cold or it's allergies but I am determined to NOT get sick. Airborne is great but I know I have been eating like a fool for awhile and combined with not being very active I can feel my backside spreading.... like butter in the hot sun....

Last night I had a very tasty concoction of POWER GREENS which was a mix of baby spinach, baby red and green swiss chard and baby tat soi (that's a new one for me). I cooked them over low heat in the frying pan, with some olive oil, crushed fresh garlic, coarse ground black pepper and a dash of salt. As the greens got soft, I sprinkled in some raisen/craisen mix and tossed it all together. Just before serving I sprinkled chopped almonds. It was super yummy and packed with nutrients. I felt powerful just eating it!
Next time I plan to try it with cooked crumbled up bacon and some parm. cheese. 

This morning I decided instead of skipping breakfast, or calling my coffee my breakfast (and then eating everything in sight around 2pm) I would make a nice healthy cocktail of....

1/2 banana and some fresh raspberries

2 scoops of Curves Protein Powder (vanilla)
a heaping scoop of my homemade yogurt (yum)

I chose SoyMilk but it could have easily been 2%

ice cubes in any protein drink are what really make the difference!


here's to good health! enjoy! (straw is optional)

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