Friday, May 6, 2011

Flat on My Back

Back from a visit to the chiropractor
laying on my bed
flat on my back
Heating pad in the curve
knees propped on pillows
waiting for the ibuprofen to kick in...

Not a good start to the weekend! Especially when
in just a few hours we are getting in the car
and driving for 2 hours!
Please let my back be better by then!

We are going to a dinner/concert in Seattle at Dimitriou's Jazz Alley
to enjoy fine dining and the musical talents of
Keiko Matsui, Japanese Pianist
and icon of contemporary jazz.

Now, neither Bruce or I claim to be huge jazz enthusiasts
but we don't dislike it either.
(and we have listened to some of her music and find it very nice)
When our friends invited them to join them for this concert
we thought: friends + food + culture = fun! 
So off we will go tonight!

Except this darn back.
 Funny, ironic, since my poor mother has been laid up
with a terrible back'hip/leg pain
for a couple of weeks now.
She has an MRI on Monday
and will be seeing a specialist on Wed.
and mean while is loaded up on pain pills.
(I'da given anything for one of those last night! Oh my!!)

MY back hurts from being bent over for a day and a half,
making table decorations for the Taco Dinner Fundraiser
we held on Cinco de Mayo.
The dinner and dessert dash and raffle was great!
Not having heard a final count yet,
I can only go with what we were guesstimating
last night which was around $5000.
This will go a long ways towards
both helping the team go to Honduras
and purchase supplies needed for the work the team will do. Yay!

Flat on my back right now is giving me time to reflect....
thinking about last night and
the wonderful generous giving from many selfless people...
the laughter and love flowing from friends
who came to the dinner and showed support.
thinking about the Honduras project;
repairs on a feeding center,
and love to give to orphans and street kids.
knowing that this is not my time to go
on this particular trip and being good with that.
waiting for my husband to make HIS decision about going or staying...
and that is a hard one
because I am feeling strongly
that he should stay home this time and now he feels very conflicted.
we are usually in agreement  -- or at least close to it
but this time we are on very different levels
and I don't know why. this bothers me.
We are both trying to discern clearly what God is showing us in this...
and I guess being flat on my back gives me time to reflect this as well....

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