Saturday, April 9, 2011

What Will This Day Bring?

Saturday... stretches before me with surprise. Bruce and I have plans to do something fun together. That's as far as we got however. We said we'd spend the day together and 'do something'. We talked about a hike... hopping on the ferry... a drive... a stroll around town... today's weather however does not look as promising as yesterdays lovely experience. And I woke up this morning thinking I am either coming down with a cold or the allergies are ramping up. Either way I don't feel as energized as I want, to fully enjoy this day.

Hot shower and more coffee.... maybe that will revive me. Bruce went to his men's breakfast/bible study this morning so I have some time to pull it together. I don't want this day wasted with kleenax and sluggishness.

The last day or so have been rough as I have -- once again-- been slammed with issues from the past that seem to never fully resolve. Bruce is my rock and even in his unlimited  compassion, he never allows me to wallow very deep in the muck and mire of what other people's choices create.

So. A day to play is needed. and what we will do today...? Undecided and unknown at this moment. Well, really, the important thing to me is the time he and I spend together. What we do isn't as important as just being together.  (awwww) (cue the romantic music....) grin. I do love my husband!

I wonder what we will do today...

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