Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday in the Park

I think it was the 4th of July... (okay not really, it was today)
People talking, people laughing, a man selling ice cream (um, espressos actually)

Yep, we went to the park and drank coffee. Well that sounds a little boring, until you learn that the park was Blvd Park which is right on the water... the pacific ocean to be exact. And the coffee was Woods Coffee which is Whatcom County's local espresso chain and some of the finest java in a cup! Mmmmm.

We had a lovely time strolling thru the park and ran into some friends in Woods Coffee. We were chilled good and proper by the wind coming in up off the water. Came home and my sweetie cooked supper. Brupper we call it-- eggs and bacon for dinner! Yum!

but enough of that, lets look at the pictures!!

with coffee in hand we walked the trail along the water's edge

my sweetie
the love-burkes

looking south at the Taylor Street Dock
fossils and footprints

beautiful shelter in blvd park

fancy shcmancy art work
back at home... preparing supper; I think he was showing me how stretchy the bacon is.

BACON! it's whats for supper!

cooking up an omelet!

this day was brought to you compliments of our Creator God
(and Wood's Coffee hee hee)

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