Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Graduation Part 2

I am a beloved child of the Most High God.
My place is with Him,
My call is to walk in love;
To bind up the brokenhearted,
To break the chains of bondage,
To engage in the battle raging in the Heavenly realms.
I will walk daily with the Lord in the truth of His Word.
I will teach others to follow His commands,
Be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit,
Walk boldly but with humility,
Using my spiritual gifts to build up the body
and reach the lost for His Glory.
I will live out God's Dream for my life
that I might stand before the Living God having left nothing undone.
This is my charge!

Bruce proudly showing his diploma

I did it!
taking just before graduation begins.  how nice it was for the sun to be out, despite the funky lighting for our picture!!
Graduation was awesome! We had sunshine! We had balloons! We had food and we had joy!
We started with worship, prayer and words of celebration. We had a group photo taken by one of the church staff (I hope we will all be getting a copy) We had a graduation charge giving by Kate along with the craziest funniest but truth-teaching video clip about leadership...(you can watch that here:)

Kate's speech-- or charge rather, was moving and inspiring. She is a gifted lady!
Then in our table groups we shared what we each felt was the best thing we got out of DRS. Not surprisingly at my table, one of our highlights was the friendships we made around our table. With tears and laughter we recapped the things that had taken place in our lives over the past 8 months. It was great! We all discovered we were not ready to let go of the sisterhood we developed and have already set a date for getting together again in one month. We would like to continue to do this monthly from now on. This will be powerful fuel for our continuing journey in Christ!

Our final act was to pray for one another (again in our table groups) anointing each other with oil and speaking words of truth and revelations into our lives. IT WAS AMAZING!
And then, we all together lifted our voices to read the charge that this post started with. Then the diplomas were handed out and the party began! Cake! Ice Cream! Cookies! Chocolate! Sparkling Cider! (all the important C's of a party)
moments before people arrived... all the diplomas laid out on the tables.

worship time: I'm trading my sorrows... I'm laying them down for the Joy of the Lord!
Kate (L) presents Anne and Pastor Kim with thank you gifts for all their immeasurable time and gifts they gave this year to our class.  the picture Anne is holding is of a tree, which symbolized the real tree Kate bought for them to plant in their yard; a tree that will forever remind them that we will go on to grow and bear fruit. YAY!
So, Dream School has ended but we have been commissioned so this is not the end but the beginning. We will go and do.... Great things in the Name that is above every other name: Jesus!!

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