Sunday, February 6, 2011

Saturday by Definition

Saturday: a day for sleeping in. A day with nothing scheduled. A day for recreation, relaxing and reconnecting.

Begin by driving to the city of Subdued Excitement.... free parking.... no rain... and no real destination other than checking out the newest Wood's Coffee in town.

We traversed the sidewalks peeking in windows of the new museum, a new community church ( and the children's museum. Popped into the Museum Proper and checked out the map posted of the coal mines of Bellingham. Did you know that most of the city is built over top of a maze of coal mines?

Rocket Donuts called out our names as we approached Prospect and Holly. They have gluten free donuts! Not too die for but good enough.  We munched on donuts as we checked out the people dining inside some of Old Town's favorite hang outs.  Eventually we made it round to the newest Wood's Coffee. Tastefully done in recycled timbers and 100 year old tin ceiling, the place was full of laptop toting college students. We found a place to park it at the Bar height counter in the window and revealed in our special elixirs: London Fog for me and a black cherry-mocha for Bruce.
flatiron bldg home of the new Woods

Eventually, over heating (I in my wool sweater, scarf  and warm jacket) we returned to the fresh bite of air in our pacific northwest winter and strolled arm in arm up Holly St. Reminiscing over stores now longer in existence ( remember the lunch counter in the store next to JC Penny's?) Popped into a store that carries, as they call it ' stupid stuff' and found something stupid for everyone we love! "We'll be back" we promised as we finally, tired of laughing, put down the bacon flavored toothpicks and continued our jaunt.

Gave a dollar to the cleanest looking pan handler we'd ever met. Touched sidewalk sale clothing and drooled over the boots and shoes in the Hilton's window front. (Okay, I touched and drooled; Bruce waited patiently) Eventually, back at the car, we contemplated our next destination.

Over to Elm St. to visit our recently returned to WA brother-in-law. Not only a recent return to Bellingham, after a few years living in HI, he is recently remarried and it was a pleasure to meet his new bride. We caught up on each other and collected some packets of photos he had unpacked and did not need to hang on to. From there we drove a stones throw away to Joey and Corrie's and visited for an hour or so. Good to see them and they shared their most recent photos with us-- ultrasound pictures! Precious!! Corrie is at 13 weeks now.

Finally, famished and sleepy from the warm living room, we left and once in the car decided Mexican Food was needed! el Gitano here we come! MmmmMmmmm... refried beans and rice and the house burrito.... disappeared quickly!

After dinner we HAD to walk off some of that food so a stroll through Goodwill, and then a new tool store (now guess who was touching and drooling?) and finally, dogs barking, we headed back to the car.

At home, Netflix called and we nestled on the couch for a perfect close to a perfect day. Aaaah.


  1. yay, this sounds like a perfect day! I remember the lunch counter at the store...remember Bonanza 88cents store? I remember the escalator at the old JcPenneys and taking Traci in there and her loving that! Thanks for the sneak peak into your perfect day!


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