Friday, February 11, 2011

Oh, the Joys of Fridays and Friendship!

Coffee at Woods... always a good start!

Catching up on life and love... with a dear friend... even better!!

Empty coffee cups, full hearts.....

A little shopping.... retail therapy at it's very best!

A rainy day but sunshine in my soul...

Life is beautiful and you, my friend, make it so!


  1. i *heart* this post! :)how funny... i too had coffee with a very dear, sweet friend today at Woods & i did some shopping too!! haha
    i truly needed this time today. i love how no matter how long it has been since our last 'coffee date' we always have a wonderful uncomfortable gaps in convo. ;) i value you and our friendship. life is so beautiful and you my dear sweet friend make life GREAT!

    have a wonderful weekend

  2. I am glad you came across my blog! I have been reading yours and love your header! So true, even despite all our pain, we are ever blessed and are being shaped for his purpose. Look forward to reading more and hope you and yours have a Happy Valentine's! Hugs


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