Monday, February 14, 2011

Getting Jiggy!

My husband is SO creative! SO imaginative!

I have gotten a little obsessed with working on jigsaw puzzles this winter. I never thought I would get into a hobby like this but I find it really takes my mind off of other things and relaxes me. Yes, even when I might not find the right piece for a long time, it is a fun stress-free activity. Because it takes me a long time, I am only on my second puzzle since Christmas. And Bruce has been watching me work a little each night, bent over our living room coffee table. Which is fine except for when we want to use the coffee table... like for coffee!!  (it is also one of our favorite places to prop our feet when we snuggle on the couch to watch a movie)
this is one I worked on from Christmas till just a couple of weeks ago.

So the other day Bruce commented that a removable table top for me to work puzzles on would be a good idea. Well, I said 'sure' never thinking he would actually make me one! When I pulled in the yard tonight, he was in the garage with his tools out... and he immediately closed the garage door! He came to the car and told me I was not allowed into the garage because he was working on a little something 'valentiny"

hmmmm. well that was okay because I needed some time in the kitchen to make something valentiny for him!

After awhile he announced he was ready to give me my surprise and Viola! He presented me with this crafty little removable table top! Clever!!

It was so nice to work on the puzzle on this because it has a slight incline which makes it easier to see and reach. what a guy.

my gift to him was chocolate dipped fresh strawberries! MmmMmmm. We didn't get a picture however. They were devoured before I could get out the camera!
thanks sweetheart!

the love-burkes

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