Monday, December 20, 2010

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Bruce made me a tree this year. Yes, he made me a Christmas Tree. He is a very crafty craftsman after all!

Our living room is just so small and crowded with that big old beautiful piano, that every year we face the challenge of where to put the tree. And I always say 'just a little tree please'.  So this year I just asked Bruce to make me a tree and I was thinking a Jesse Tree (see next picture) but this is what I got instead... and I love it!

The Jesse tree has symbolic ornaments that tell the story of the history of creation and the ancestral line to Jesus...  out of the stump of Jesse, a shoot will rise....

I also was creative this weekend, making some Christmas Tea to give away to family and friends. Nothing fancy, just a little token to say I was thinking of you... 

the tea is a sweet and spicy mix that you add to hot water. yummy!

So this is the week before Christmas. We have the tree up and the house is as decorated as it is going to be for the holiday.  The gifts we plan to give are either purchased or made. Our list is short, our plans are simple. We are excited to be attending not just one but TWO Christmas Eve services at NCCTK this year (we are greeters and you will find us at the door wearing our best and biggest smiles!)

Come, O Come, Emmanuel!

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