Saturday, December 18, 2010

Spirit of Christmas

the spirit of Christmas is alive and well....

starting with the generous giving of many willing hearts from our Dream School class.... to the woman at the store who slipped $5 to Debbie as she shopped for extra supplies for the holiday boxes....  to the woman at Franz Bakery who upon learning what the 60 loaves of bread were for  filled up 2 large boxes with cookies and donuts as well as the bread.

our happy crew
Amidst gently falling snow, we passed out close to 30 holiday food boxes to families in the peaceful valley area today. As we hung out on the corner we shared cocoa and cookies with people who passed by or came for their box. And we continued to witness that spirit of giving in all directions. Blessed by her food box, a woman returned with a boys bike saying it was free to whom ever we might know who needed one. The bike soon went home with a father with a young son. Another person brought a beautiful baby doll, still in the box, and it was passed on to a family with a young daughter who wanted a baby doll for Christmas.

Denise Tami and Kate
in between box deliveries, we enjoyed chatting and singing carols and just hanging out. We still had some 20 boxes left when it was time to 'break camp' but it went to the church in Kendall so that it could continue to be distributed on Sunday.

~Merry Christmas~

It was cold but our hearts were warmed over and over again by the spirit of giving that was so prevalent in the air. Funny how when we bless others, we are getting blessed back. I love that.

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