Monday, December 27, 2010

the daze after Christmas

counting backwards...

our new years card
Today was a lazy laid back day.....
stayed in my jammies and read

finished my new years letter (we opted for a new years letter rather than Christmas cards)

and figured out how to use publisher to make an address list and labels... so that next year I won't have to do that again!

Our Christmas Day was totally Burke. Slept in. Bruce made breakfast (killer french toast with REAL maple syrup). We opened and read all our Christmas Cards and set them up on display. We made phone calls and talked to family and friends. Joey and Corrie came by and we had a great visit. Then Bruce and I bundled up and went for a little hike in Maple Falls. It was great except for a late start and the early darkness, and my hip acting up. 
Came back home and vegged.

Christmas Eve was grand! Two wonderful uplifting Christmas Eve services-- Bruce and I were greeters. Saw lots of our favorite people and gave out hugs and well wishes. Came home and watched "Letters to God" on Netflix. (***Warning--- it's a 3 hankie-movie!!***)

We also had an overnight guest who arrived late Wed. night and departed mid day on the 24th. This is Bruce's old high school buddy.  We had guest join us for dinner Wed night as well; friends from N. Ca. so this week has been full of re-connections.

so today as I sat in my cozy living room, reflecting on all the goodness of the last few days AND the goodness of this whole past year, it wasn't hard to write a new years letter of things to ponder and treasure in my heart as Mary did.

The greatest gift ever given: new life.... a baby born in a stable.... who would grow up to die for us in order to give... new life.

That is worth pondering, is it not?

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