Friday, November 5, 2010

Being Thankful Day 5

Today it's all about BOOKS!

I learned to read before I even started kindergarten and books have been one of my life-long passions. The friend when no one else was there, entertainment on even the dullest day, the traveling companion, the bedtime sedative, the seductive alternative to housework. Lined on the bookshelves of my little library nook in the bedroom, in categorized neatness, it fills me with a sense of contentment and wonder that these treasured volumes are mine! 

My Bible and  the freedom to read my Bible!!
I have countless bibles on my shelves in many translations gathering dust in some cases, while thousands of people are willing to risk their LIVES for even just ONE PAGE of this Life Giving Volume of Truth

library books
 my library card allows me to walk into the building, check out just about any book I want and take it home with me to read. what can be better than being curled up in my rocker, with a blazing fire, a cup of tea and a book spread open on my lap, capturing my undivided attention!!

Some of the good books I am reading right now (yes, I am often in more than one at a time!) that I am thankful for...

Bible-- again, top of the list. it is my rule that this is the FIRST book I open each morning... before I eat even. If the bible is the Bread of Life, then I can not have any thing else to eat until I have first eaten from this. the version I use most often is the New Living Translation.

Victory Over the Darkness by Neil Anderson. wow, this book packs some valuable stuff! Learning about what might be keeping me from walking in the joy of the Lord, the powers of darkness that attack me daily and understanding I have the power to conquer them by knowing who I am in Christ. Yup, good stuff!

Then there's the fun stuff.... just finished a book called "prayers for sale" (historical fiction) set in the post depression/gold mining era of Colorado. Very satisfying read. there are 4 more books in a pile on my reading table waiting for me that I picked out from the library on Wed. Exciting!!

So, yes, books are on my list of blessings today. What are you reading?

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  1. Oh yes, books...I will always be happy and thankful to have books. A house without books, is not a home in my opinion!


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