Thursday, November 4, 2010

Being Thankful Day 4

Today I find among my blessings...

morning sun turning the rust colors of the mountain side into crimson.

Bruce, fully restored to good health, and able to go to work.

animal kingdom in my own backyard: 2 walnut hunting squirrels, some greedy thieving blue jays and one black panther kitty who thinks he can catch them all. great entertainment!


contact lenses.

Vivaldi on the cd player, full volume, as I enjoy a cup of vanilla bean coffee, on my back deck.

walking outside, enjoying the sound of the leaves rustling as I trample through them.

the smell of spice cake baking in the oven.

the neatly stacked cords of wood in the shed tells me God met our needs by supplying the wood before we even asked, and we had the energy and strength to split and stack the wood. both great blessings!

I know without a doubt that I am loved.

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  1. loving this series of thankfulness...Our posts start out almost the same, we are so much alike. I love how God reunited us. I should have listed you as something to be thankful for today because I AM!


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