Monday, November 22, 2010

Being Thankful Day 22

not so very delightful inside tonight either. being gone all day means no one here to feed the wood stove which is our main source of heat. so... its down right frigid in this old house tonight!!
still i can be thankful that i do have a home and wood to burn. I can  not even imagine what it is like for the homeless in whatcom county on a night like tonight! it was around 22 degrees on my car thermometer and then you add in the gusts of wind (up to 60 mph) its just crazy out!!

i am so very thankful for my friend at work, C.T. who prayed for me today. I am having some trouble assimilating myself to being back in the workforce i think. feel like i am under spiritual attack at times. so very grateful for prayers and words of encouragement!

thankful for a quick visit with friends who serve in Macedonia, home on  baby furlough. they stopped by church today and while the chat with them was brief it was great to see them.

mostly, today though, i am thankful for the phone call last night from my grandkids and the opportunity to also talk with my daughter.  KJ called to say thank you for the birthday present and after talking with all 3 kids a bit, then I talked to Carissa for a bit as well. Family is important.

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  1. thankful you were able to talk to the family! Grandkids are such a wonderful blessing!
    I find it amusing you and I both started our blog post out with a mention of a winter song! hehe, even if we don't get to see each other that much right now, we still think along the same fun is that?

    love you friend, stay warm-



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