Thursday, July 15, 2010

Standing at the Crossroads

Stand at the crossroads and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way lies; and walk in it. Jer. 6.16

I came across this verse this morning as I was searching for some material for my novel in progress. It was written across the front of a work book that I'd been looking for. The handwriting was most definitely Bruce's and it was from 2005. I thought the verse was lovely... and it also sounded very familiar to me.... so I thought about it for a bit and after my thinker kicked in I got the answer.

This was the same verse that was quoted to Bruce just a few months ago when we met with Pastor Steve S for some council on our financial matters. Bruce was really questioning whether construction was coming to an end for him as a vocation. But if it was ending what direction was he supposed to go next. And Pastor Steve offered him this verse as a sort of parting word of advice.

I find this verse( both the rediscovery of it it and the recent use of it) way more than coincidental. We are still standing at a sort of crossroads. Although work has picked up for Bruce again and he is suddenly almost too busy, he still finds himself questioning if this is where he really is supposed to be anymore.

I think we need to pay attention to those restless feelings. They may be indicators that God is calling you out of a place.

Standing at the crossroads may not be where we are exactly today, but if life is a road we travel and we pay attention to the signs, then, I can see the sign right now that says "crossroads ahead."

We are driving this road slow so we don't miss any signs right now. to keep using this road metaphor, we have to keep careful watch. you have to watch the road you are on so you don't have or cause an accident, you need to also be paying attention to the road signs so you won't miss a turn, or end up on a dead end street, and you should also be able to enjoy the ride. Crank up the music, let the wind blow through your hair, and appreciate the beauty of the landscape around you.

oh, and please, don't forget to refer to the road map!

you know, when Bruce and I take road trips, he drives and I read the map. it's a pretty good system and we love to travel together. Sometimes on this journey called life, however, I tend to want to keep reading the road map-- giving him directions on which way to go. And that doesn't always work. Because sometimes I am reading the road map that tells us how to get to the beach, when he's driving, planning on going to the mountains. This can cause some interesting conflicts.

As I see the crossroad ahead sign I do point it out to him. And I can offer my suggestions about which way I might want him to turn (and I would of course think my way is right because I am intuitive about such things lol) but ultimately he is the one driving and will make the choice.

of course, the journey would be the best if we allow the Holy Spirit to drive the car. AND read the road map.

so, the best possible thing to do is to stand at the crossroads and look, asking for the path where the good way lies and then walking in it.

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