Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Today is my nieces birthday. I adore all my nieces but Kim is extra special to Bruce and me. She lived with us for a year after her high school graduation, so we got to know each other pretty well and spent some fun times together.

Kim loves to read as do I, so often our time together was just occupying the same room, each lost in a good book. It's nice to be able to spend time with someone, feeling totally comfortable with not talking to one another.

We're both introverts so quietness between us didn't bother us. But we also share a pretty goofy sense of humor and can crack each other up pretty easily. Bruce also has a sort of 'far-sided' humor so our house could be quite entertaining!

Kimberly loved cooking while she was here (sure miss that!) and she tried out new recipes on us. we gave her chores to do to earn her keep so to speak and she was happy to comply. she even went to work for Bruce a few times on the job and at Habitat and Bruce said she was (is) a hard worker. He was impressed.

One of my favorite experiences with Kim while she was here, was one night we were laying on her bed talking and i noticed her pj bottoms... they had french fries and i think milkshakes on them and i yelled 'i want french fries!!" and grabbed Kim and told her lets go get some!

we hopped in the car-- it was like close to 11pm and she said 'where are we going really?" giggling like this was just pretend. i said 'we are going to jack in the box for milkshakes and french fries!!' and we drove all the way into Bellingham to Jack in the Box. Craziness!! (but so much fun)

Kimberly calls me her 'marrying aunt and drinking aunt' because a lady at our church (very colorful old lady) always talked about her two aunts and how she called one her marrying aunt because she'd been married a few times and the other was her drinking aunt because, well I think you can figure out why. Kim decided I fit the bill for both. HA!

Kim's been back to visit a few times and it's always great to have her here. I thought we were going to be able to enjoy her company on a regular basis last year when she was contemplating going back to college and thinking WWU. But, alas, the call of the wild (Berkeley) was too strong and she stayed in the bay area.... sigh. still, looking forward to seeing her soon for a visit.

So Happy Birthday Kimmie-Kat!! >^^<

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  1. Aw thanks! :-D Miss those days of reading in front of the fire.


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