Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Redeeming Moments

I love when things happen that make you feel good and take away the sting of what made you feel bad.

Today I had to go shopping (again) to get all the stuff I didn't buy the day before... and I also needed to visit Family Christian Bookstore to pick up a couple of books; Men are like Waffles,Women are like Spaghetti and The 5 Love Languages ( Bruce is doing some pre-marital counseling and wanted these two books to offer as 'assigned reading' for the couple. )

i found the paperback of the Waffles/Spaghetti one but the Love Languages was in a beautiful leather bound edition... which was really lovely but a bit more than i wanted to pay.
i took the books to the front and asked the store clerk if they had any more copies of it in a regular paperback edition.

She looked it up on her computer and said it was on order, but no, no more in store. then she said she thought Lynden's store might have it and she could call and check. that was very nice of her and i said as much.

she was put on hold while the gal at the other store looked and while she was on hold we chatted a bit. she pointed out the nice option with the leather bound one was that we could have the couples named embossed in front for free., which really sounded nice but still... it was $22.99 compared to $11 for paperback (hey, I'm not cheap, just budget conscious!)

the other thing i needed to consider was how soon the book would arrive either by the shipment or from the Lynden store. and i needed to think about whether i was going to make another trip into town this week. (2 in one week is my max!!)

so this sales lady was SO SWEET! she said, tell you what, why don't i give you a 25% off coupon you can use on the book. that will bring the price down to $17 and you won't have to wait or come back.

wow!! i was so grateful and i told her so. i said 'this makes up for the stinky thing that happened to me yesterday' and i told her a little bit about the wellness card stuff.

she thought that wasn't very nice that they wouldn't give it to me at the sale price. so then she said 'well here, I'm going to give you a couple extra punches on your family life punch card to make up for it"

Awwww!!I said 'see, this is why i keep coming back here. you guys know how to make the customer feel special!"

so, if you want great customer service, shop at Family Bookstores!! :)

it was a very good day.

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