Monday, July 12, 2010

Robyn's Rant

That may have to be the new title of my blog because I have something else to fume about!

Spent the day in town, running a ridiculous amount of errands! Actually, I enjoy this and I always make sure I get a treat, lol, since I never got one from my mom when I was a kid. (today's treat was a mondo-giant dark chocolate bar--- oh-ho-ho-ho!)

My last stop of the day was Rite Aid. I don't particularly enjoy shopping at Walmart, and I could have gone to Walgreens across the street but I was already parked in a nice shady spot at Sunset Square; why move?

I am a bargain shopper and today was no exception. I must have spent close to 45 mins in the drug store, scouting out my best buys... and I had a cart full by the time I headed to check out.... hair color (save $3) , hair gel, lotion, make up, vitamins, tylenol (buy one get one free), new belt for Bruce (2 for $10), allergy med (buy one get one free) and a few other odds and ends- all of which were on sale at great savings.

I unloaded my cart, wistfully eying the kiddy pool at the front of the store that was a wee too much for my budget today. the gal asked me if I had a "wellness card".

I said: No, I do not. (and wasn't sure what a wellness card was but was hoping it wasn't some sort of Sr citizens savings card because what would that be saying about how old I look today???)

she rang up all my stuff and told me it was $68 and some odd cents.

I said "Oh, no way" and started looking at the scanning screen. I pointed out the tylenol savings, the allergy savings, all the things I was being charged full price for that were on savings.

she looked at me sort of funny and said "Well those are the things on sale in the wellness flyer"

I said, "Uh huh?"

she: Well, you only get those savings if you have the wellness card.

me: really.

she (smiling) yes.

me: If something is on sale and you advertise it as on sale, then I should be getting it at the on sale price.

she: but you have to have the wellness card to get those on sale.

me: I should not have to have a 'wellness card', whatever the heck that is, in order to receive the savings. If you have something on sale, it should be on sale for everyone.

quiet. stare down.

me: I am not going to buy any of this.

she: oh. okay.

me (walking away) I think your system is wrong. If it's on sale, it's on sale for all of us. (this isn't Costco!)

I fumed internally all the way to my car. The savings cards posted at each product may have said 'wellness savings" in small print above the LARGE print of how much it's on sale for, but would that have told me I didn't qualify for the savings?

I spent nearly an hour in the store and came home with nothing. I will have to go shopping all over again tomorrow for those things I needed. And I will most certainly be shopping someplace else, where I don't need a special card to get the savings. Sheesh!

well, at least I have my chocolate bar.

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