Monday, July 12, 2010

In His Arms

Yesterday morning during our worship time, I had the opportunity to witness a beautiful illustration of how our Heavenly Father loves us.

Our worship leader was in the midst of a song when one of her 3 children had a wee melt down. He wanted his mommy and he wanted her RIGHT NOW! Regardless of the people singing, and regardless of the fact that his mommy was at the piano and leading us in the song, he ran down the center aisle (having escaped the nursery) straight to the front of the church, wailing as he went. he climbed up on the stage and even above the music we could hear him screaming in frustration and need. "mommmmmeeeeeeee!!!"

what happened next was so beautiful....

without missing a beat, his mommy reached out one arm and drew him into her lap, pulling him close to her. He immediately nestled up against her and his crying stopped. She was still singing, still playing the piano (granted, one handed) but she was there for him at his moment of need.
it didn't matter what was causing his tears., it didn't matter that she was in the middle of something else... she just pulled him into her lap and allowed him to know her closeness and comfort.

what a beautiful illustration of what Jesus does for us. when i come running to him, upset or angry, crying or yelling, he never says 'not now--I'm busy" He just pulls me on to his lap and sweetens my disposition with his peaceful loving presence.

may we all know that peace and comfort in our moments of distress and need.


  1. how beautiful. sweet. I love this.

  2. I have the 'wellness' card but what a should get what is on sale because they list it on sale!!! POOH! I feel for you babe.


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