Wednesday, July 7, 2010


other wise known as.... vacation bible school.... has been going on in Deming this week. Tomorrow is the last day followed by a community wide bbq-party.

the first day we had 9 or 10 kids. I was excited about that. I know some of the teachers were a little discouraged, because they really wanted twice that amount, and this morning one of them shared her feelings of discouragement and how God had spoken to her heart about it that morning, that no matter how many came or did not come, the ones who were there, were there for a reason and it was important to love and teach them.

today we had almost twice the amount at the day before! 7 new kids arrived! it was a fun filled day. Beautiful sunshine -- glorious sunshine- heavenly sunshine! And homemade tortillas --- oooooh my! fresh, hot off the griddle with some butter.... heavenly!!

I have been working in the background as a support person. A good spot for me. the kids are great but I think it's okay to admit that my strengths, my giftings, are not teaching or leading a group of kids

Still, I love listening and watching them as they play and sing and display such sweet exuberance for life and learning.

its also been a real treat to watch the leaders--- now here are a group of ladies who are gifted in teaching and working with kids! And what an awesome team they are. you can tell they have worked together before. they have this VBS thing down! it's amazing!

so tomorrow is the final morning and then a fun time thursday night with the BBQ. Hoping we get a great turn out from the community-- the outreach to Deming is a strong desire of our hearts and I believe God loves to give us the desires of our hearts.

in fact.... He delights in it.

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