Monday, June 28, 2010

~the little pencil~

I'm just a little pencil in the hands of God, writing a love letter to the world" ~Mother Teresa

Wow, I really like that. But what does that mean in reality? In my reality? What would that look like?---if I was a little pencil in the hands of God? would what I'm writing really read like a love letter?

if I was a little pencil... how often would I need to be sharpened? how often would the eraser get used? what kind of a pencil would God  use? a #2?   I'm not trying to be funny.... I'm actually getting into this... deep, theologically and I haven't even been to the dump! (reference for those who wouldn't know: Bruce and I often have dump dates-- that is we take a trip to the dump to dump junk-- and we end up having some of our deeper conversations)

I think i need sharpening often! daily... and how do i best sharpen my pencil but with time in the Word and in Prayer. I have had a pretty dull pencil the last few days. I have neglected time alone with God.

if i was a pencil in the hands of God,  then would I need an eraser? sometimes I sure would like to be able to erase some of the things I said!

But, if I am really truly a little pencil in the hands of God, I need to allow him to write the love letter. When God writes, he doesn't need the eraser.

I think I need to work on being the pencil.

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