Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tall Timber Recap

what can I say... time at Tall Timber is always a spiritual experience for me. I look up at the mountains and immediately think of the Psalms... I lift my eyes to the hills, where does my help come from? my help comes from the Lord, maker of heaven and earth.

this week was super fun for us since we got to introduce Wendi and her kids to the camp. I think the kids will be back sometime this summer for camping. Wendi fit right in with all the work projects... even if Bruce had her climbing some very tall ladders....

Bruce finished the log beams as much as he could for the Quincey Cabin new porch, working out some technical stuff I wouldn't even know how to begin to explain but he was happy to have the challenge and rose to meet it and accomplish it. Good Man!!

as always, it was wonderful to see familiar faces, old friends, and meet new people, watch the new summer staff in training and catch glimpses of some fun crazy things planned for this summer. (still time to sign up for camp kids... and grown ups too) (

the cat survived the week, we had beautiful weather, the kids loved every minute of it -- even if they did fight with each other-- i know they were having a blast-- we ate fabulous food, took lots of walks, braved the cold cold waters of Lake Wenatchee for a little dip, ate ice cream, saw deer, bunnies, chipmunks, more deer, a bald eagle, fighter jets, built stuff, tore stuff down, worshiped together, played games, worked on jigsaw puzzles, played ping pong, rode bikes, walked some more, took lots of pictures and smiled and laughed a lot!!

my favorite part of each day was early morning (early for me being, oh, say, 8 o clock) sitting in the quiet coolness of the trailer, sipping coffee and listening to the sounds outside as the camp came alive. second favorite time of the day, was late afternoon, around 4-ish, as the sun made its way to the back side of the trailer and a breeze would come up and you could hear the river roaring. then evening would fall and the forest would quiet down again, the cat would venture out from under the covers where he had been hiding all day, we'd light the citronella candles and sit in the screen tent and talk about our day.

i did get a fair amount of writing down on the novel this week. in between back spasms and pesky mosquito's, yes, i did get to write several more pages.

but... truth be told, as much as I love Tall Timber, as much as I enjoy camping and road trips and being in the woods, or on the road.... I do LOVE coming home!

today its unload the camper, wash clothes and put things away... Bruce had (one last?) habitat work party to lead today so he was out the door just as early as every day. I love that he loves what he does and I would not deprive him of it but I do look forward to a weekend for just the 2 of us soon. even if we just sit in the screen tent on the back deck, watching the cat watch the birds, and sipping a cold one, that sounds delightful to me!

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