Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Sunshine

Even on a cloudy day, can we find some sunshine?

Even though I joked and called myself a 'habitat widow' I am grateful for a husband who loves to give. I know that he is living out his hearts passion today, being with and helping people. He will come home tonight, tired from the day, spent because of the cold he is getting over but in his tired smile will be satisfaction, in his sleepy eyes will be a glow, and in his heart will be joy because of how he spent the day; with purpose.

I lingered over coffee and a book this morning, before clocking in a work out at Curves, and while it felt good to move, my real sunshine moment was connecting with another woman who will soon be going on her own mission trip experience.

She has been involved with the Emancipation Network for some time now, finding this calling on her life after she retired from teaching school. the Emancipation network helps women escape lives of slavery/prostitution by teaching them trades to support themselves. In August my friend is going to India for a first hand look at what the E.N. is doing there. she says she isn't sure what she will be doing yet but she knows it is time for her to go and get deeper involved.

I have seen in person some of the cool items they make and it is exciting to know that a small purchase like a necklace or a purse is also making a difference in the lives of the women who have escape human trafficking. 
to find out more about the Emancipation Network please visit their website:

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