Sunday, May 23, 2010


This morning at church, Bruce, Mike and I, (all present at Deming CTK ) were asked to share a little bit about our mission experience; our high point. Kind of hard to pick just one but we each gave it our best shot!

Bruce talked about how a year or so ago, he didn't even know where Macedonia was! (true for most of us) and about seeing the birthplace of Mother Teresa. Her outlook on life about doing small things with great love can change the world, and Bruce felt that about what we did during our time there.

I talked about meeting Mary and her pig and how humbling that was. And about God showing me HOW his power works best in my weakness.

Mike expressed how he enjoyed seeing how family oriented the people are, and that even though we come from different cultures and backgrounds, at the heart level we have so many similarities.

This Thursday we will gather again as a mission team, this time with our families, and share a time of celebration and debrief a little. Also a time to share pictures! Looking forward to seeing the team. I would like to see our team do something else together, maybe a local project. that would be fun!

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  1. I am sure that was neat to share your trip with the others at church and that they received a little insight into what you all did while you were's hoping you can do some more things together as a team too!!



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