Wednesday, May 19, 2010

(RE) Finding Purpose

Along with that 'coming down from the mountain top experience' syndrome, the other part about a return to 'norm' is finding purpose again in our every day things.

Bruce commented to me this morning about how when he was working in the sports center there in Strumica, it was really easy to feel that he was doing something for the Lord. He had joined a 'mission' and it was easily defined. Putting his faith into action and seeing it in tangible ways. But now that he has gone back to 'work' it feels different. He is thinking about the bids and materials and employees and time frames. He is pulled in different directions and it makes that verse about 'whatever you do, do as unto the Lord' a little more challenging.

I guess I am feeling it a little too, and I don't have a job. But I had an assignment while we were there and it was something to focus on and feel purposeful about. Yah, it's kinda easy to slip into a lazy attitude right now. I have already started sleeping a little later each morning and having a little trouble rousting my sit-down out of the chair to tackle any lists.

In fact I made a list today that should have jetted me out the door about an hour ago and I have found several excuses to linger here, sipping another cup of coffee and entertain thoughts of a nap....

Oh, the only way to overcome procrastination is to just GET UP and DO IT I guess. But it would be a lot easier if I could identify my purpose.

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