Monday, April 12, 2010

Tile 101

Yesterday we had another team meeting. Our group  is a nice size-- just 8; 4 women, 4 men. But I don't think we have had one meeting yet where all of us are there at the same time, LOL. I guess we will have a nice long plane ride to connect all at once.

But yesterday after a short Q&A time we learned how to lay tile. Don, one of the guys, taught us. Bruce had built a mock up "shower stall"  and Don mixed up thin-set and we all got to get our fingers muddy. it was fun! I don't know how much actual physical labor I will be able to contribute to the work planned but it was still fun to get in a few tiles.

Packing is my big challenge right now. I have clothes laid out all over the spare room. it is going to be very pleasant weather-- in the 70's or 80's. yum! can't wait to soak up that sunshine!! and that means I can pack lightly. I would like to take no more than one week's worth. Si, who has been before suggested packing some single size packets of laundry soap in order to wash some things in our bathrooms as the hotel does not have laundry facilities. hmmm, good idea.

Back to the tile laying. It was interesting to watch how tile is laid. all the parts needed: tools for laying down the thin set, the tiles themselves being layed the right way and correct spacing, the sponge clean up to remove excess goop, and later, the grout which we didn't get into but Don explained.  There are some metaphorical ideas floating in my brain today about the tile laying. like how we all need each other, we all have different gifts, how the christian walk is like setting the tile in the right place and with the right consistency of thin set to keep it in place. I need to think on this some more and I am sure I will come up with a better allegory.
but for today, I better get back to my lists....

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