Monday, April 5, 2010

Grace changes things

that is a thought to just sit and ponder. ponder the depths of the how and the why and the whats of grace and the circumstances it changes.

the blind man that Jesus healed was questioned by the people and his response was so simple yet so profound: this I know, I was blind, but now I see.  Jesus' grace changed things.

A friend I know is facing life as a single mom. she imagined this Easter holiday would be difficult-- without her husband/daddy to her kids-- but she was amazed to discover how she was slowing down and treasuring the time with her children. she knew the grace of Jesus was carrying her through the difficult times and grace changes things.

We are struggling every day with financial difficulties and the real threat of foreclosure on our house, collection agencies and how to put gas in our car. It could be overwhelming but this is the time to put our faith in action and trust God. leaning on him during the difficult times builds our faith. God is giving us the grace to live thru' this time and grace changes things.

yesterday we had lunch with our son and daughter-in-law, who are still healing emotionally from the miscarriage of their first baby. We talked about how our faith is built during these times of testing. how we have HOPE in Jesus, because of his death and his resurrection.  Jesus death paid the price for our sins but Jesus' resurrection changes the way we view death. another example of grace. Grace that changes things.

the count down to our departure day draws close and the excitement and nervousness level climbs higher. we have a lot still to do to prepare. things to purchase, things to arrange, but none so important as preparing our heart and mind for this adventure. time spent in prayer and the word drawing strength and wisdom from our Heavenly Father. Thank God for his grace. it changes things.

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