Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Be a Lighthouse!

"Lighthouses have no horns; they only shine" ~ d.l. moody

I have laryngitis. day 3.  started Monday afternoon... coughing.. the kind that does nothing but wear you out. and steals your voice.  thank goodness for facebook, email, texting and blogs! I can still give testimony to the greatness of our God!!

but I find myself thinking how my laryngitis is like the enemy who seeks to kill steal and destroy.  he wants to take whatever circumstance life brings and taunt us with it,  to kill our faith, steal our joy, destroy our peace.

the scriptures say that if we remain silent, the rocks will cry out to tell of how great our God is.  Being without a voice, is challenging me to find other ways to speak love in the name of Christ... a smile, a hug, a favor, written words of encouragement (maybe on a facebook wall) my mom used to have a 'cookie ministry' --she baked cookies by t he dozen and gave them to folks around her... my dad did something similar with firewood- kindling bundles... simple acts but it meant a lot to the people blessed by their actions.

yes, actions speak louder than words....

be a lighthouse!

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