Wednesday, March 17, 2010

tickets, lists and a few deep thoughts

We have tickets!
Here is our flight schedule.

01 MAY 10  -  SATURDAY
    AIR   UNITED AIRLINES      FLT:958    ECONOMY      
          LV SEATTLE TACOMA               813A        
          AR CHICAGO OHARE                222P          
    AIR   LUFTHANSA            FLT:437    ECONOMY      
          LV CHICAGO OHARE                415P          
 02 MAY 10  -  SUNDAY
          AR DUSSELDORF                   725A          
    AIR   LUFTHANSA            FLT:5932   ECONOMY      
          LV DUSSELDORF                   1245P        
          AR THESSALONIKI                 435P        
 12 MAY 10  -  WEDNESDAY
    AIR   LUFTHANSA            FLT:5931   ECONOMY      
          LV THESSALONIKI                 805A          
          AR MUNICH                       920A          
    AIR   LUFTHANSA            FLT:9280   ECONOMY      
          LV MUNICH                       1140A        
          AR WASHINGTON DULLES            240P        
    AIR   LUFTHANSA            FLT:9060   ECONOMY      
          LV WASHINGTON DULLES            520P          
          AR SEATTLE TACOMA               810P

it is a looooong flight... I mean, look-- it is going to take us 2 days to get there!! I better pack lots of books... and maybe some sleep aides!! :)

that said, it is time to start thinking of what to pack... what to buy... ooh did someone mention shopping? Actually I am going to be making a VERY conscious effort to be ultra conservative in my packing.  I know I need new walking shoes and a multi-purpose jacket-- something light weight and casual but nice enough to pair with a skirt. Casual clothing is the key word here for the whole wardrobe for the trip. casual and comfortable!

But what I really really want to get my hands on are copies of some books like "the power of a praying woman" by Stormie Omartian or "Captivating"  by Stacey and John Eldridge. I want to have some on hand to gift to the women i meet in Strumica.  Knowing that these women may not realize how priceless they are in God's eyes makes me want to do whatever I can to help them see their worth.  I think those books might help to do that.

A woman worthy..... that sounds like a good title for a book!

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