Saturday, December 13, 2014

it's beginning to look like.... Christmas???

The other day I put up a "couple of" Christmas decorations.

Yes, you read that right.

This December baby is thinking 'bout Christmas BEFORE her birthday!
 What can I say? I must be mellowing.

Actually, what happened was this: our church sponsored a Ladies Night Out Craft Fair last week but I was sick and missed it so the craft kit was sent home to me via my sweetie. So, one day last week with nothing else to do I got my craft on. The blocks were all of the Christmas variety and I chose Joy, partly because that seems to be my focus these days, but also, (full disclosure) it was the shortest of words to choose from!! I'm just not the craftiest person. I think it looks like a lot of fun until I burn myself with the glue gun and end up with crooked bling and glue gobs in my hair and my fingers singed and stuck together. Honestly, me and crafts have a way of doing battle. I've tossed away more crafts than I care to admit, because they turned out so sad looking!

But, somehow I pulled it off. I got these 3 little blocks painted, and glued and the end result is something I felt good enough about to post on facebook. That's saying something.  I set the blocks up on my little entry table and felt pleased with it.

Then, as I was putting my crafts away, I found a string of Christmas lights tucked into a box and I thought, Hmm. I love lights! We'd just this past week turned our outside lights on and I thought having some lights in the house would just feel nice. I planted them carefully inside a stained glass vase we have and viola! Soft, pretty lights! Feels so cozy and inviting,

Today, with an uninvited internet shut down, and a house to myself, I decided to dig the rest of the decorations out of storage. My first intent was to just have them on hand because we've talked about actually getting a tree this year, thinking perhaps the grandsons would be able to help us decorate. But realistically I don't know when or how that will take place since it wasn't thought out with more advance notice. Perhaps next year.

The last few years we've improvised on trees. Meaning, we've had some unusual things in their place. As I was dragging the box of decorations into the house, my eyes fell on the plant stand hibernating in our greenhouse and, no pun intended, but I had a sudden epiphany! The end result is....

So there you go.... 2 days before my birthday and I have my Christmas on! I'm even thinking I might go shopping for some Christmas themed clothing... but I'll have to draw the line at Ugly Sweaters. I might be mellowing but I still have standards.

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