Monday, September 1, 2014

Road Tripping Part 6

Thursday pm- Sat am.: Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho
Destination: Sam Owen Campground
Purpose: chillaxing on the lake!

Two nights camping off the grid. No place to go. Nothing pressing to do.

The toughest decision to make all day is whether to lay in the hammock and read a book or lay in the hammock and watch the deer grazing in the campground.

A refreshing dip in the lake come midday takes the place of a shower. Simple suppers eaten by candlelight. Early to bed, early to rise. With no pressing need to do anything it was the perfect wind down to our vacation. A chance for Bruce to really really relax.

Perfect Bliss.

Saturday Morning: Departure
Destination: Washington State via Newport WA, Hwy 2
Purpose: to explore back roads and po-dunk towns we've not yet seen.

Keeping in mind that it was a holiday weekend and most good campsites have been scooped up by well planning vacationers, we ambled merrily across mountain passes and scenic backroads without a worry or a care. We'd find some place to bed down even if it was a wide spot on the side of the road, or, heaven help us, Walmart.

We came through Nespelem, located in the Colville Indian Reservation, and the location of Chief Joseph Memorial. A sad little cemetery on the side of a hill with a large white stone marker surrounded by other graves is all there is to mark the passing of this Indian Chief.

 If you are up on your history you may know his story. At the very least you would recognize this line from something he said on the day he surrendered:  I will fight no more forever.  It's an important piece of history and worth the time to acquaint yourself with it if you are not already familiar.

We wandered respectfully through the graveyard, as the sun passed behind clouds and a strange hot wind gusted around us.

We made it to Omak and found a nice quiet corner that backed up to the Omak River and the sight of the Omak Stampede. A campground with water and electric meant flushies and hot showers. Hallelujah.

Breaking camp this morning is slow in coming as it means we will head for home and arrive this evening. I know neither of us is eager for this trip to end. It's been a full and filling time of R&R for us both. A time of building both memories and relationships and a vacation we will treasure in our hearts.


  1. Beautiful photos! I love the one with the deer. :)


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