Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Road Tripping; the Final Installment


How sweet the sound, and how good to be back in familiar territory. Yet it's bittersweet because it means a return to the regular busyness and responsibilities that can sometimes pull you down. Still, we milked that last day for all it was worth...

Puzzling over the huge rabbit population in the campground...

while there are only a few in the picture, trust me, there must have been over 100 scattered about the grounds!

Taking a lovely stroll along side the Omak River before breaking of camp...

a perfect place to walk along side of the river!

A leisurely picnic in a city park...

chicken and 'tater salad, limeaade and chips. what more could you as for?

A slow drive over one more mountain pass...

Cascade Hwy, Hart's Pass

Upon arrival we found a lawn in need of mowing, a near-neurotic and overjoyed cat, and an empty pantry that needed filling. And we wont even mention the piles and piles of laundry!

I often find that while I'm living in the moment and enjoying myself very much,  in the days and weeks that follow, the pleasure grows as the memories cache in my heart. I love pulling those memories out one by one to relive them and appreciate each nuance that I might not have fully taken in as it unfolded.

reflection is good for the soul.

It goes without saying that this 2 week road trip was full to overflowing with special moments. Time for family and friends. Getting to experience another section of God's majestic creation. Living simply and finding the joy in that. Playing. Resting. Exploring. Adventuring. Having quality time with my best friend and lover.

Life. Is. Good.

thank you Lord for the blessings you give us!

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