Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Extraordinary Thoughts on an Ordinary Day

Perhaps I exaggerate. My thoughts are rarely extraordinary. I'm just your average blogger woman, who occasionally gets an inspiration to write a story. Yet, today as I meandered down a country road, taking in the sights, smells and sounds of my surroundings, I was struck with what I think was an extraordinary thought. At least to me it was. I will leave it up to your own judgement whether the same is true for you.

As you may know, I walk almost every day. I average 3 miles each time out but some days life conspires against me and a 2 mile shuffle is all I can manage. On the days my energy level soars I try to take advantage and log in more but on average it's 3 miles. According to my husband I walk very fast but I think I'm just faster than him. Some times I wonder why I don't seem to increase in speed, or the length for which I can speed walk. And then I shrug my shoulders and say "whatever. at least I got out there."

That's what I was thinking today as I stopped to take a pictures, scratch a mosquito bite, tie my shoelace. As I stopped to tie my sweatshirt around my waist I thought, "It's not about how fast I walk, or how far I go. What matters is that every day, I'm getting out there and I'm moving." Just as quickly the next thought came: The same is true in my Spiritual Journey.

 It's not about how many souls I reach for Christ (although that is important-- but really Salvation is up to the Holy Spirit) what matters is, am I shining His light to others?

Am I  living my life for Jesus? Am I living in accordance with His Will?

Obedience is what unlocks God's power. Am I being obedient to His Call?
Am I doing what He asks of me?

Yes. It's not about how much I do each day, but that I do it. Just keep moving in His Path.

 One step at a time.

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