Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What Did We Get?

caravan to Tall Timber

Take 20+ people of various ages and skill sets, 
5 vehicles, an assortment of  tools, luggage and bedding, 
and enough snacks to feed an army, 
spread them out over a 4 day period
 and see what you get. 

most of the crew acting 'normal'

rainbow of promise!

What we got was:
2 leaders who have been doing this Tall Timber thing for about 20 years. 
A core group that has gotten Tall Timber-itis and keeps coming back. 
Newbies who have never experienced the wonders of our favorite camp. 

Grasshopper Mountain

What we got was:
a list of chores, a plan to execute
work assignments, group time to play and pray
sore muscles, paint splattered clothing, blood, sweat, (but no tears)


blood, sweat and giggles.

artistic touches

safety first

move that dirt!

know the plan

What we got was:
well fed, well housed
dirt moved and removed
weeds gone, flowers planted
grass mowed, trails blazed

mow it down

spread it around

What we got was:
game time, nap time
books read, hikes taken
fellowship, fresh air
sunshine and rain

wild life


What we got was:
a feeling of accomplishment
a sense of pride in a job well done
a better -closer relationship with our church family
time well spent in God's creation. 

having fun while we get it done.

little cabin in the big woods

What we got was something you cannot measure in weight or gold 
and cannot sell, buy or trade. 
What we got was something that can only happen 
when you make a sacrifice of time, money, and energy. 
What we got was something only a mission experience can bring you. 

Mission Tall Timber 2014.


  1. Robyn- I love your artistic flair in photography and writing. I love your transparency about the depression. As a psych. major, and a person who deals with fleeting depression, it's refreshing to see how you cope with depression in such a positive way (working through it). I needed your words of wisdom and encouragement. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you friend Anonymous, for letting me know my words helped you! It feels risky to share at that level of vulnerability at times but knowing it might help another person in any way is worth the risk. God is good and He doesn't waste our hurts.


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