Saturday, May 17, 2014

When Your Muse Goes On Strike

the muse is on strike.
It's been pretty dry around here. Creatively speaking of course. I have been staring at a blank space to post in for several days now. I think I have something... I pose my fingers over the keys and.... Nothing. Nada. Zip.

It happens. Not very often for me but it does happen. The Writer's Block, the lack of inspiration, creativity, even the need to just vent, goes out the window and in despair I close the lid on my laptop and walk away. But that's okay. I know this too shall pass.

Today was the gathering for our monthly women's writers group. We kicked this group off in February and we only meet once a month so it's been slow getting up to speed. In fact, it feels like we are still in the On-ramp. Aside from my sis and me, the others who signed up for the group have been scarce. Today it was just sister and me. Even our leader was unable to attend! That was okay, because she asked me to step in. My sister and I brainstormed on some different things we might try to make it easier for others in the group to attend. We'll have to see what comes of our ideas.

Meanwhile, my sis lent me a book called "The Playful Way to Serious Writing" by Roberta Allen. It's a delightful book chock full of prompts to get you rolling on your blank page. With writing exercises in the form of questions, images and statements all giving verbal directions and visual cues, I am planning to let it push start me.

The author writes a lot about Energy, in the sense of it meaning the impulse to write. Here is a direct quote from the book: Energy is the force behind the words. It is the power deep inside that drives you. It is the desire to bring forth something that has never before existed. It is the passion to give form to your deepest feelings, your deepest longings, your dreams, your fantasies-- who you are. 

Ah, yes. I think I feel some energy stirring right now.

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