Monday, March 3, 2014

This Is Happy Too

Sunday Night
What a Monday! Our weekend was full of snow, ice, wind, and rain. The end result in some areas is that dangerous, beautiful condition known as a "Silver Thaw". Here in my little corner of the county, it's warmed enough to just leave slush everywhere. And still the rain is coming down. I'm tempted to just say 'yuck', pour another cup of coffee and snuggle in by the fire with my book, instead of donning my rain gear and getting outside for my walk.

Monday morning

However..... I have a couple of things buzzing inside of me, creating too much joy to just sit still. So, allow me to blog and then I will gladly let the buzz of joy carry me down the path of fitness.

The first thing that set my toes a'tapping was something from my Bucket List. I blogged about that in an earlier post and this weekend I took the first step in making it happen. I registered for the "Run for the Honeywagon" coming in April. Actually, I registered my sweetie and me for it! Yep, he said he would love to do it with me and after some test walks to see how compatible we were on our paces, we agreed this could work. Now, let me be clear-- it may be called a RUN but as they allow for walkers, that is what we will be doing. We will be in the 4 mile walking category and that is plenty fine with me! The point of this exercise for me is I will be participating in a fun, challenging, competitive event and it's not about winning, it's about doing. I'm very excited about this, as it is an event I have longed to participate in since way back in the 1980's when I could have actually contended as a runner. But motherhood, living life and aging has brought me to the place of acceptance; this body is no longer designed for the run. Walking is the new running for me.

The other MOST EXCITING THING came about this morning. I am a member of Faithwriters, an online writing group, and have participated many times in their weekly writing challenge. Some of my entries placed in the top 3, some even receiving the coveted "Editor's Choice" award. That made the story eligible for future publication in an anthology. It's been awhile in coming due to some unforeseen set backs but finally the press is moving forward and several issues will be coming out over the next year or so. I was told that I have stories appearing in 5 or 6 books! I am a little embarrassed to admit that I don't know for sure which of my stories are being published and I won't know until the release forms come and my titles are listed. (I kind of lost track of things.)

In the midst of being notified that the books were going to be published a request was put out for some additional material to fill a gap in the first book. Not really knowing what she was looking for, and who I'd be up against, I took the plunge and submitted a short story. This morning I received notification that out of the many submissions she received, the editor had selected MY story to fill the gap! I was sipping my coffee in front of the fire, checking my email and waiting for the brain fog to lift, as I skimmed the email.... when the information clicked and I let out a WHOOP that scared the cat and nearly upset my coffee. Then the tears came.... and prayers of thanks went up. Because really, I know that anything I have ever written comes from the gift God has given me. And I hope with all my heart that whatever I write, always points to Him and gives Him the glory.

I don't know the time table for the publications but rest assured, once I do, you all will be among the first to know! In the meantime, if you would like to read the story that will appear in the first book, Mixed Blessings, Simple Pleasures, you can find it here!  As always, thanks for reading.

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