Saturday, March 1, 2014

the color of happy

I belong to a monthly photo challenge group on Facebook. 
Every day of the month there is a different prompt
for what to post a picture of.
The group is made up of both professionals and amateurs, 
those with expensive cameras full of do-dads and what-nots, 
and those who snap furiously away with iPhones and Androids. 
The point is, we are taking pictures, 
which means we are LOOKING. 
Looking for opportunities, looking for details, 
paying attention to the great big wonderful world around us 
and trying to capture it in 1/1000 of a second.

Maybe the world we live in 
is much different from the world of 
Dick and Jane and Spot 
in the sense that there seems to be 
much more brokenness,sadness and waste, 
but the importance of the "biggest word of all: LOOK" 
hasn't changed. 
Having my camera and list of photo prompts 
spurs me on to LOOK, 
and it's beauty I seek. 

The prompt for this particular day was Yellow; 
an appropriate choice for the month in which Spring arrives.
As I set out on my morning walk, 
I was purposely looking for yellow. 
Not just for the prompt but as a sort of challenge to myself.
How much yellow could I find in the world around me?
The results were surprising. Spying each flash of yellow
caused a little spurt of happiness inside of me.
It was fun to recognize 
how certain colors are associated 
with certain moods and emotions. 

For me, yellow is Happiness.

What colors represent happiness to you? 

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I'm with you on yellow. And there's an orange--close to sherbet--that makes me the most happy. It may sound strange, but when I'm writing and the creativity is flowing, I feel like I'm writing in that orange.


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